Collaborative Model

Collaborative model


The collaboration model is a Cem15 innovation tool. An ambitious collaborative offline model of Brain and Mind functioning: all authors whose participation is accepted can participate in the construction of the model offline (an Online version will be provided after the conference).

This collaborative model is designed as a METAMODEL of brain and mind to be instantiated by the participants of Cem15 we name contributors. It is composed of modules we name “processes” and “links” between processes. We propose a starting Metamodel that can be modified by contributors. This Metamodel integrates percepts, concepts, and decisional processes, as well as cognition, emotion, and motivation.


Usually, in scientific meetings scholars present their works, and each work is based implicitly or explicitly on a model of the mind and / or brain. Unfortunately, scientific meetings end without concluding with a synthetic model. Cem15 proposes an ambitious project we call "The Collaborative Model" aiming to produce a synthetic model valuing more the various works presented in the conference.


Each participant/contributor is invited to propose his model by adding or removing “processes” and “links”, and defining them. An algorithm is created to produce a synthetic final model which will be presented at the end of the congress, in the closing ceremony.
Contributors are invited to send their models to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in png format, filling in the "Object" field of the email with the expression "Collaborative Model".

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