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Cem15 International Congress on Cognition, Emotion, & Motivation

Broadening the Base – Blending the Mind | Elargir la Base – Mixer l’Esprit

November 4 - 7, 2015 – Convention Medina Center – Yasmine Hammamet – Tunisia

We are pleased to let you know that the Medina Convention Center will host the third international congress Cem15 on Cognition, Emotion, and Motivation under a very open theme: “Broadening the base – Blending the mind | Elargir la base – Mixer l’esprit” with the partnership of the Psychology Department of the Faculty of Humanities at Tunis of the University of Tunis (Université de Tunis), the Faculty of Humanities at Tunis, the University of Tunis (Université de Tunis), and many other prestigious partners.

We hope you can participate in this prestigious conference by submitting a contribution in one of eight submission categories reflecting your current research or work in any of the conference main topic areas. The eight submission categories are: Regular Paper, Poster, Workshop, Symposium, Tutorial, Demonstration, Working paper, Doctoral consortium. Contributions are intended to express innovative ideas and show interesting applications or potential of applications. All accepted contributions will be published in the proceedings under an ISBN, and indexed with SCITEPRESS (www.scitepress.org) with a DOI index.

The proceedings will be also submitted for indexation to Thomson Reuters Conference Proceedings Citation Index (ISI), INSPEC, DBLP, EI (Elsevier Index) and Scopus.


Recent research on the interplay between cognition, emotion and motivation are growing (e.g., Crocker et al, 2013. Cromwell & Panksepp, 2011; Linnenbrink, 2006; Masmoudi et al., 2012; Pekrun & Stephens, 2009; Pessoa, 2008; Wisco & Nolen-Hoeksema, 2010). This involves reciprocal modulation and regulation relationships between these three dimensions. Nonetheless, since the studies of Lazarus (Lazarus, 1991), these researches are not abundant enough regarding the significant outcomes of the integrative research, first in the understanding of the mind and brain functioning, then in improving our daily lives, and finally in the development of performance in a large variety of fields.


  • Basic Areas
    • Learning, Emotion & Motivation
    • Memory, Emotion & Motivation
    • Attention / Perception, Emotion & Motivation
    • Language, Emotion & Motivation
    • Reasoning, Emotion & Motivation
    • Problem solving, Emotion & Motivation
    • Decision making, Emotion & Motivation
    • Creativity, Emotion & Motivation
    • Intelligence, Emotion, Motivation
    • Motor skills, Emotion, Motivation
  • CEM applications
    • Psychopathology & CEM
    • Affective computing & CEM
    • Education & CEM
    • Personal development & CEM
    • Communication & CEM
    • Management & CEM
    • Ergonomics & CEM
    • Business & CEM
    • Economy & CEM
    • Arts & CEM


(1)   All the papers included in the proceedings will be indexed with SCITEPRESS www.scitepress.org with a DOI index.

(2)   It is planned to publish a short list of revised and extended versions of presented papers in a chapter format with Springer in an edited book (final approval pending)

(3)   It is also planned to publish a short list of revised and extended versions of presented English written papers in a chapter format with Psychology Press (a preliminary agreement is reached) in an edited book (final approval pending). The chapter is based on the initial paper and on feedback, cross collaboration and additional thought. It may have a different title and a different content from the initial paper, as this chapter must be based on a more deep theoretical framework and various examples of empirical investigations, including the one cited in the paper. The French written papers will be submitted to Deboeck (a preliminary agreement is reached) in an edited book (final approval pending).

(4)   It is finally planned to submit selected regular papers to "Current Directions in Psychological Science" Journal, and/or to “Frontiers in Psychology, Emotion Science” online journal in a special issue format or research topics format.


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