Cem15 is the third leading international congress on Cognition, Emotion, & Motivation. It is the third edition of the series of conferences on the CEM integration which aims to strengthen and extend the CEM cognitive revolution. The 2015 Edition will convene under the theme “Broadening the base – Blending the mind”, and will be held in Medina Convention Center 4-7 November 2015 in Hammamet-Tunisia, in an exceptional convention platform. It will be an amazing international meeting for scientific and professional attendees.

Cem15 will bring together researchers from diverse horizons in cognitive sciences and affective sciences in the aim to re-examine all the psychological functions via the CEM perspective. Thus, Attention and Perception, Memory, Language, Reasoning, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Creativity, Motor function, and Intelligence, will be reconsidered through this view.

Cem15 wants also to be a conference with a high degree of added value by offering diverse applications in a wide range of fields as varied as affective computing, education, communication, management, ergonomics, business, economics, psychopathology, personal development, and art.

Cem15 is now indexed by ELSEVIER's Global Events List.
Cem15 est maintenant indexée par ELSEVIER, l'un des plus grands acteurs dans la publication scientifique.
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